Accounting Services

You Chip-In with the Basic Accounting—We Review Your Work

When clients chip in and do some of the basic accounting, we are able to offer a reduced fee because we are free to spend our time reviewing and planning, rather than inputting. From a secure portal on our web site, log into your QuickBooks file to pay bills, and record sales. Monthly, we login your QuickBooks file and reconcile your bank and credit card statements, cleanup your accounting, as well as issue financial statements, process payroll, prepare tax returns, and assist with tax planning - all services performed in real-time. We know the demands of your busy lifestyle, so offering 24/7 online access to your financial data just makes sense. Log on and securely download the information needed anytime, anywhere. Now that's convenience.

We Deliver

Our team will work with you to ensure your financial needs are being addressed and your goals are achieved. Always leveraging our advanced technology platform to move best practices forward, our Cleburne CPA firm offers timely and accurate financial reporting and advice, accounting software training and support, and more.

Please call our office at 817-760-0645 about all of our accounting services. There is no cost or obligation for the introductory consultation.

accounting services